Ruta del Robledo

Route of the Oakwood (Ruta del Robledo) starts at the village’s main roundabout. Taking the road of the Robledo, we will take the first road on the right and go up through various alleys between houses and olive groves following the directions of the green posts marking the route. After the climb, we walk about 100 m. by the “Carretera de la Quebrada” and then take a path on the left which, among olive groves and woods of oak and after several bifurcations, will lead to Robledo. In the Robledo what most attract the attention are the enormous chestnut trees and the abundance of water that once gave life to a large group of mills.

From the Robledo and after following the road a bit we will take the track to Torre de Santa Maria and then a broad path to the left we will leave to start climbing up the path of Canaleja, which enables us to enjoy beautiful spots and a great view as we reach the top of the hill. Eventually, we will get to the road of Robledo near the source of the river Salor, and near the village and our starting point.


  • Distance: 10 km
  • Height difference: 150 m
  • Time: 4 hours
  • Difficulty: average

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