Ruta de Dónde Nace

Route “Where It Borns” (La Ruta de Dónde Nace) is marked with blue posts and allows us to traverse much of the environments present in the mountains, which make it particularly attractive. Starting from the bullring and following a paved road southwards, we’ll go through forests of chestnut trees and cork oaks, scrub and fields of vines and olive up to the birth of the stream Los Molinos. As its name suggests, on the banks of the stream over thirty mills stand exploiting the power of water to transform the grain into flour and whose age ranges from the Roman era and the beginning of last century. The scenery here is spectacular, thanks to the harmonious setting of the nature and men’s work: mills, canals, many holding olive terraces on the steep slopes of the mountains and winding old roads that bring us closer to it all.

Shortly after the last mill, the road heads north. The ascent to the summit Montánchez (994 metres) allows us to enjoy a magnificent view, being able to see, thanks to its central geographical location, the whole region of Extremaudra from north to south.

We’ll come back between crops and mountain meadows, and finally, a thick forest of chestnut and beautiful old stone huts.


  • Distance: 8 km
  • Height difference: 250 m
  • Time: 3 horas
  • Difficulty: average

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