La Hills of Montánchez

The Hills of Montánchez, in Montes de Toledo, separate the basins of the rivers Tajo and Guadiana, and they reach 1000 m. at their highest elevation, being one of the areas in Extremadura with most posibilities in rural tourism, thanks to the variety of environments characterized by topography and vegetation. In damp, shady areas we can find forests of chestnut, oak and cork, and in the most exposed to sunlight, holm oaks. With forests, emerging areas dominated by scrubs or upland crops such as olive groves and vineyards, granite rock formations in the upper parts, the meadows on the plateaus and gorges of torrential streams. The wonderful panoramic views that can be seen anywhere in the mountains, joined the ecological potential to increase the touristical attraction of the area.


In Montánchez, you can enjoy 3 marked routes by hiking:

Visits to the Castle of Montánchez

Built in the 12th century, the Castle of Montánchez is located in a place of considerable strategic importance, in a high mountain. This situation, as well as their particular conditions of difficult access and the high rugged promontory, allowed its role in the Middle Ages. The alternation of Moors and Christians in his domain allowed the addition of Christian architectural elements on the early Muslim work -from this time, its three wells and part of its course remain-. Later, under the administration of the Order of Santiago, repairs and additions were large, focusing on the screed of walls and removal of multiple enclosures and fences surround. However, the castle we can see today is characterized by its dominant location, the irregular nature of its layout and overlapping volumes and curtains. The factory is built with masonry, with plenty of gravel and lime filling. The main body of the castle stands in the highest elevation of the land, which along with the height of its walls, make its present dominant and slender appearance. It should be noted within this main body “La Torre del Homenaje”, which is now conceived as a project to host a Regional Historical Museum. It preserves the box walls, and several units are located inside: a camera, arms room and a main hall, and downstairs, a camera to store grain. This castle is a true example of what the castles of the Reconquest in the Middle Ages were.

Other activities

Gastronomy: drop by Bar-Mesón Pitogordo, in the town’s square, to taste our Iberian tapas and pitarra wine.

Rectangular bullring: it holds eight capeas yearly, with great popular participation. There is a Taurine Club bringing together more than 300 partners.

Horse and donkey routes: travel the Mountains of Montánchez riding a horse or, if you prefer, a donkey.

Paragliding: there is a natural enviroment that meets the requirements for paragliding near TVE’s repeater antenna, located at an altitude of 1000 metres (exactly 999 natural metres plus one added by men).

Cultural Visits: besides Castle of Montánchez, you can also visit the Parish Church of San Mateo, next to the beautiful, recently restored and great architectural valued bell tower, beautiful chapels like San Antonio, Los Remedios, Santo Domingo, Los Mártires, El Pilar or Fátima, the neighborhood of “The Canchalejo” or Plaza of Spain. And if you do not mind traveling a bit, remember that 40 km. from Montánchez (half hour drive) there are three monumental cities declared World Heritage: Cáceres, Mérida and Trujillo.

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