Ruta del Castañar

The Route of Chestnuts (La Ruta del Castañar) is marked with red posts and part of the bullring southwards. After crossing several fields dedicated to the cultivation of the vine, the route goes through a forest of chestnut trees along a paved road. Just after a water tank, you leave the road and take a path on the right, heading west, between the chestnut trees that reach back to a wide road that we take to the right and take us to the starting point.

Through a comfortable ride, this route allows us to enjoy the magnificent spectacle offered by the changing chestnut wood throughout the year, giving us the feeling of visiting a different route each season. Changes should appreciate with all our senses: eyes are filled with yellow, green, red, or gray, ears will be delighted with the symphonies performed by different forest birds accompanied or not by the sound of wind in the tops of the trees; perceive by touch the coolness of the woods in summer or wet blanket soft leaves and moss covering the ground beneath our feet in winter, the sweet smell of brown flowers will show the spring and fall mushroom rain; also taste rewards can be found on this route at every step: chestnuts, berries, mushrooms, asparagus and sorrel are just a few examples.


  • Distance: 3,3 km
  • Height difference: 40-50 m
  • Time: 45 minutes
  • Difficulty: low

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